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The Truth About Periods
A myth is belief that many people have that isn’t true. There are many myths about periods but it’s time to face the facts!
Menstrual blood is unclean and dirty!
Menstrual blood is a normal and healthy part of being a girl!
You should be proud of your periods. Many people and cultures can make a girl feel ashamed about her period, but it is how nature allows for women to bear life. It is nothing to be ashamed of.
I can't get pregnant if I have sex after my period.
Having unprotected sex at any time can make you pregnant!
The risk of getting pregnant from sex is always real, no matter what time of the month it is. Adult women can have days when they are less likely to get pregnant (safe days). HOWEVER adolescent girls do not. During your teenage years, your body is still developing. your menstrual cycle can suddenly change, so you can’t predict or rely on safe days.
When a girl starts her period, that means she has had sex!
Periods happen because of puberty NOT sex!
Periods are something almost every girl experiences because of going through puberty. It has nothing to do with whether or not she has had sex. It only indicates that a girl can become pregnant IF she has unprotected sex.
You shouldn’t eat meat or beans on your period!
Girls need iron rich foods like beans and meat during their periods!
It is especially important to eat iron-rich foods during your periods, because you lose some blood. Meats, legumes, (like beans and lentils), and green-leafy vegetables are the perfect foods to eat during that time!

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